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Flowers Care Flowers Care
General Cut Flowers Care
Choose a clean vase and use fresh , clean water. Avoid metal container.
Strip of all leaves that fall below the water line, as these will decompose and contaminate the water.
Cut 2-3 cm off all stems using a clean knife or scissors.Cut at a sharp angle so the stem can absorb water more effectively and place immmediately in water.
Display the flowers in a cool ,light location away from draughts, direct sunlight, radiadors and fresh fruit.
To refresh your flowers re-cut the stems every 2-3 days and replace in fresh clean water.

Avoid placing gerbera stems in deep water because their stems will decompose quickly. Place them about 4-5 cms of water for longer life. Change their water every 1-2 days and keep the vase and surrounding areas clean and debris free.
Cut the band securing the stems and remove your flowers from the box immediately upon arrival. Fill a clean vase 3/4 full with warm water. Cut each stem under running water and place immediately in the vase. Keep flowers away from drafts, direct sunlight, and excessive heat or cold. Change the water and recut the stems every 3-4 days. They're particularly thirsty flowers so check their water level of ten and be sure that the vase is full and any foam materials are completely satured.
Lilly bruise easily, handle them with particular care. Their blooms open in sucession and you can snip off spent flowers close to the main stem.
It's important to be gentle when handling them. They should be recut every 2 days for maximum vase life. They tend to be thirsty flowers, so check the water level of your vase often.
Most cut orchids will last longer as stems than as single blooms; a cut orchid arrangement will last longer than a boutonniere. After stems are purchased and brought home, 1/2 inch (approximately 2 cm) should be cut from the base of the stem with a sharp knife—if possible while the stem is submerged in water—then place the stems in a vase. Blooms should be kept away from direct sunlight and heat sources. They will last longer at cooler room temperatures, but will suffer from cool drafts. A cool draft is moving air that is cooler than the ambient temperature, such as air from an open window on a cool day.
Remove Foliage from the part of the stems that will be under water in your vase. Cut off any white portion of the stem to allow better fluid intake. To prevent the intake of air into the stems, give them a fresh cut under water. Place immediately in a vase filled with water and fresh flower nutrients (preservative). Recut 1 inch from the flower stems every 4-5 days to maintain water uptake. Do not place in the same container as daffodils that have been recut. The sap from the daffodils can kill the tulips. Check the water in the vase frequently.

Arrangements Care
Most arrangements use floral foam to secure the fresh cut flowers in place. In order to maximize the life of your flowers and greens, add water daily. If possible, place your arrangement away from heat and drafts and store it in a cool place overnight.

Flowering Plants Care
Most of our flowering plants come with special care tags. In case the tag is missing:
Light - Flowering plants thrive on sunshine, so the more you can provide the happier they’ll be. If you have the option, place them near an east or south facing window.
Temperature - Most flowering plants prefer temperatures in the 18-23 degree range (Celcius).
Watering - Check soil once in two/three days and add water when the soil feels dry. When watering, soak the soil all the way through.
Fertilizing - If you plan to keep your flowering plants longer than 5 weeks, plant food/fertilizer should be added. Most garden centres can recommend a suitable fertilizer.

Foliage Plants Care
Light- Foliage plants prefer to be located near a window where they receive light, however, most plants do not like intense sunlight.
Temperature- Most foliage plants prefer temperatures in the 17-25 degree range (Celsius).
Watering- Inspect soil every few days and add water when the soil feels dry. When watering, soak the soil all the way through.
Fertilizing - Approximately 4 weeks after delivery, plant food may be required to prolong the life of foliage plants. Most garden centres can recommend a suitable plant food. Be sure to identify the type/size of plant and the size of your container.

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